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Crating & Packing: When is a Crate Great?

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Beyond the Box

For most people, the thought of shipping typically conjures images of boxes. Though most consumers are familiar with sending boxes and many items can safely be transported in them, some objects need extra protection or special consideration during the shipping process.

Shipments sent as freight are commonly loaded onto pallets and transported with forklifts. Pallets are frequently stacked on top of one another and can get bumped. Boxes are often placed on conveyor belts. While this may not cause any issues for sturdier shipments, delicate items may be too fragile to transport in this manner when packaged only in a box. A box can be easily opened and resealed, which is not helpful for transporting extremely valuable goods. Heavy, large, or irregularly sized items may not fit in a box.

Fortunately, there is another shipping option that can be constructed to fit any size item while protecting and securing the shipment: crates!

What Makes Crates So Great?

Crates are strong, difficult to break into undetected, and can be custom designed to fit the dimensions of the product being sent. Crate building can often be done locally and is fairly inexpensive. Crating and packing makes the shipment sturdier than standard boxes and provides protection for fragile items inside, especially when goods are stacked on top or transported on pallets. In addition to being easily customizable, many crates are reusable. Listed below are a few examples of various items that are best shipped in crates:

 What Should You Ship in Crates?


If your shipment does not fit any of the categories listed above, it is probably safe to ship in a box. It is important to consider the character of the shipment and the method of transport when deciding on a suitable packing container. Crate shipping is an excellent alternative to a standard shipping box when additional consideration is required to get a shipment to its destination safely and securely.

Please contact us if you would like more information about crating or boxing a shipment.