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When you have a removable glass  top for a dining room table, it is best  to build a custom crate  or build a custom box  before you move the glass top. Whether are packing an estate or moving into your second home, these are excellent guidelines to follow. Crating using wood is excellent protection for delicate or high value items.

Placing the glass on its edge and balancing it inside of the moving truck is not only not safe for the glass, but may not be safe for the movers if the glass shatters or breaks during the move.

How do you determine if you need a custom built crate, or if a box will suffice?  Look at a few  things.

Will the glass be transported via freight on a freight truck, or will it be moved in a blanket wrap move truck?

For a freight shipment, we usually suggest building a crate.  If the glass piece is small and the glass can move via common carrier, then a box that is lined with Styrofoam with the  bubble surrounding the glass may be OK. Even on  a moving truck, if you are moving the glass on your own, we would recommend placing the glass inside of a custom built box. This is only recommended for a small pieces of glass.

Each and every piece of glass should be looked at separately. A 1/2″ piece of glass will need to be analyzed differently from a three inch piece of glass. A glass top that is valued at $250 will need different preparation that a $5000 glass top table.  A high value or large piece of glass should be placed inside of a custom built crate for the move.

Professional moving companies usually  analyze each and every piece of glass on an individual basis.  The exact measurement of the glass is important. Since most crates are built off site and then taken to a move site, you want to make sure that you have the exact dimensions. You do not want to arrive at your move date, and have a crate or box where the glass does not fit inside snuggly.

For more information about moving the glass for a glass top table, feel free to contact us. We handle packaging services in Houston, and throughout the United States.