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Crate and Freight Houston, Texas: What Can and Can’t Be Shipped


Things That Can Be Shipped:

Custom crates can be custom built for just about anything you want to crate and freight to or from Houston, Texas!

An Alaskan Taxidermy Polar Bear

No doubt, you have one of these in the family room, or at the very least, want one in the family room. What holds most Texans back, however, is they can’t figure out a way to get that hunting trophy from the Arctic Circle down to their home in Houston…until now. And if Pack-n-Send can handle a polar bear, you can bet they can handle your unique item!

An Electric Chair Prototype

This may come as a shock, but you can get a crate and freight from Houston for an electric chair prototype. And if you can get a customized crate and ship an electric chair prototype, there’s no doubt you can get an antique chair shipped with no problems.

An Airplane from an Amusement Park Ride

Why limit the fun to the confines of a local amusement park when you can bring the joy of an amusement park airplane to another special location? Now, can a Houston, Texas business that specializes in crating and shipping carnival rides become a prosperous business? First, you’d be surprised to find how many people want to ship vintage carnival rides. Second, Pack-n-Send can create custom crates for just about anything else, too.

Valuable Art, Fragile Kitchenware, Office Equipment, and Medical Equipment

Hey, we can’t all live the glamorous life of an electric chair salesperson who hunts polar bears in Alaska and showcases them in a vintage airplane amusement park ride. That’s why getting a custom crate for common valuables and expensive equipment is never a problem.

Things That Can’t Be Shipped:

The following, unfortunately, cannot be contained inside a crate.

A Sense of Humor

This is one of the most valuable possessions a person can have, but it can’t be shipped. You must bring it with you wherever you go.


Hey, we realize you’d like to bring some of that Alaskan air with you along with the stuffed polar bear you brought down with your bare hands and a Swiss Army knife, but once that crate is opened, it’s just gonna get mixed up with all the other air.

The Sweet Caresses from a Loved One

Can’t help you with this one, either. If you want sweet caresses from a loved one, you need to be present with the aforementioned loved one. We don’t ship humans or living animals.

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But don’t worry, if there are things like artwork or delicate equipment, high value electronic equipment, or other unique items that you need a custom built crate for, contact Pack-n-Send in Houston for all your crate and freight needs.