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What You Need to Know About Crate and Freight Shipping in Houston


When shipping items across the country or overseas, oftentimes you need the help of a professional service to make sure the item is packed correctly and shipped by the best method. One of the ways a shipping company moves large, unusually sized, or fragile items it by creating custom crates.

What is Crating?

When a shipping company crates an item, they can use existing crates or custom crates, depending on their need. Custom crating ensures the crate is an exact fit for the item, which is especially important for fragile items. Paintings and other works of art are often sent in custom crates. Common items that require packing and crating services include sculptures, chandeliers, computers, servers, medical equipment, and antiques.

How do National and International Freight Work?

National Freight

For standard items, shipping companies partner with the regular shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. To move larger items, they work with trucking companies like Yellow Freight, Roadway, SAIA, and Central.

International Freight

International shipping can be completed by overseas shipping carriers; your stateside shipping company can help you make that connection. A shipping company can also help you with customs forms and arranging brokers at the destination. Finally, a freight company will make calls to the destination a day in advance to alert them on the arrival of shipped items and to set up a drop off time.

Contact Pack n Send With Your Crate and Freight Needs

If you need assistance with crating or freighting items in Houston, Texas, Pack n Send is hear to help. We have shipped many items for our clients in our 35+ years of operation, including some amazingly unique items. For example, we have shipped a ride from a theme park, a painting valued at nearly $1 million, a 10′ taxidermy polar bear, and an computerized dragon!

For more information on crating and freighting services from Pack n Send, contact us for more information or click below to request a shipping quote.