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Container Loading Household Goods

We are Cargo Specialists.

As part of the skills of packing and crating,  Pack•n•Send is a professional container loading firm. We specialize in loading household goods in containers. 

Our customers come from the Middle East, Europe, South America, and just about anywhere in the globe where ships sail.

Whether you are in the United States on a shopping spree or moving for business to another country, we are your Houston contact. If you are coming back to the United States from an overseas assignment, we can handle your household move.

We Think of the Details
  1. We professionally wrap, pack, and strap your household items.
  2. We prepare the inventory list for customs.
  3. We make sure that no hazardous goods are loaded into your container.
  4. We provide you with your bill of lading and contact numbers when your shipment is delivered to your destination port.


We can quote packing, loading, and ocean freight charges before we pick up your shipment.

Container Loading-Household Goods
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