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Moving to another state can feel like a huge challenge, but with careful planning, it can be accomplished.


Your job
– You may have a job already lined up. That may be the very reason for your move. If not, some good advice is to set aside, at least, 3 months of income toward your living expenses.

If you are going into this move without a job lined up, is a great place to leverage your network. shows you how to use the LinkedIn website to its fullest!

Are you interested in landing a job with a startup? Not wanting to fill out a long application form?



Your Housing – It goes without saying, you need a place to live. If you have children, the school district will be an important consideration. Keep in mind that your first residence doesn’t have to be a permanent choice, it just needs to keep you safe!

Renting an apartment may be one approach until you become familiar enough with your new area to take the next step on a home purchase – Locating an apartment.

If your choice is buying a home right off the bat, locating a realtor in another state can add to your moving stress. Here is some advice that can help guide you when your preference is to either rent or own a house – Buying a House Out of State-How to Go About It and Tips for Success.

Your moving company – Why is a moving company so important?

1. A moving company, such as, Pack-n-Send, Inc., gives you the benefit of having your items loaded and carried to your new location. It isn’t hard to see that this would be the less stressful route to go, especially when moving to another state.

2. Choosing a moving company to take your belongings to another state is also much safer than making this move on your own.

3. Moving out of state can be less expensive when you are not taking items that are unnecessary. Some of these items can be arranged to be shipped to family members or friends. You can also make the choice to have extra items moved into a storage unit. Another way to lighten the load is to donate some items you don’t feel you need or simply discard things that are not useful for donation.

Planning with a Checklist

Conclusion: Whatever the reasons for your move – a job change, a divorce, or broadening your horizons – it can all be accomplished with a little forethought, strategic planning and a great moving company!

We are here to be a part of the planning! Pack-n-Send, Inc., always stands ready to give you guidance and help with your big move! We have over 35+ years experience. Whether moving across town or to another state, you can rely on us from beginning to end!

Pack-n-Send, Inc., offers a FREE QUOTE ONLINE for pricing information .

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