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As a young professional, it’s a necessary evil to move around a lot, be it for school, jobs, or just wanderlust. Moving is an activity that NEVER becomes fun. It is always an annoying, time-consuming pain. After  years of moving, packing everything in your sedan or renting a U-haul, you have had enough. When you decide to hire a moving company, you will never go back.

Now that you have decided to save yourself some grief and hire a packing company, here are some things to consider.

1. Freight or Small Load

Most companies offer two basic ways to ship your possessions: freight shipping or small load shipping. As you might have guessed, freight shipping involves the company placing your furniture onto shipping pallets which will then arrive at your new home or office; small load shipping, on the other hand,  involves movers placing moving blankets around your furniture, shipping it to you, and usually unloading it for you. Freight shipping is a better option if you need furniture to your new place at a specific time (such as when you are moving an office), as freight shipping can offer guaranteed delivery times. Both of these options are great depending on your situation and preferences. It’s all up to you!

2. Curb Delivery or Inside Delivery

So you’ve moved, you are settling into your space, now you just need your furniture. Before you go, you need to decide if you would rather have a curbside drop-off or if you would like the freight company  take your furniture inside for you. Since moving is such a pain, most people pay extra for the company to put their things inside for them.

3.  Full Truck or Part of a Truck

If you have a lot of stuff to move you will definitely want to reserve a whole truck. If you have been living  in a  one bedroom apartment lately, then just reserving a part of the truck may  be enough. This is all about assessing what you have and what you need moved. You will save money by sharing a truck, so if you can, do it!

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