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China, Crystal, & Stemware Shipping

Pack•n•Send specializes in packing and shipping heirloom china pieces as well as wedding and anniversary gifts. Our expert team delicately handles each piece with care. We bubble, box, then double box your crystal to ship it to its selected destination safely.

Pack•n•Send has shipped hundreds of pieces of Belleek china to dozens of locations domestically and internationally.

We have been hired by estate companies, moving companies, businesses, and individuals to pack up their china and stemware. Families who are downsizing often send china and crystal to relatives. Another option is to sell on eBay which we can also help you with. After a wedding, newlyweds often hire us to ship their china and other gifts. We pick up the items at your home or office, custom-pack them, and double-box it for shipping. UPS & FedEx make regular stops at Pack•n•Send daily.


Packing & Shipping Process for China, Crystal, & Stemware:

  • We carefully double-box and bubble wrap each china and crystal piece
    We place the bubble-wrapped pieces in an inner box.
  • Then we place the inner box into a larger double-walled box packed fully with peanuts.
  • Peanuts are often used for stemware packing along with bubble wrap.

This process ensures a safe and smooth shipment regardless of the destination.


Do you have some china, crystal, or stemware to ship somewhere in the country?

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China, Crystal, & Stemware Shipping
We have a special section in our warehouse devoted to China and Crystal packing.