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What is Estate Moving?

In the moving industry, the term "Estate Movers" refers to distributing or sending household items of a home to various locations. The locations can be both domestic and international. When…

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What is a Small Move?

What is a Small Move?

Small scale moving is also known as Partial Load Moving. It is the ideal choice for anyone who has a shipment that is not large enough to fill an entire moving van.

When professional help is needed

  • Moving a small load across town or the country
  • Moving a single piece of heavy, bulky furniture requiring physical strength
  • Moving cherished item(s) needing special care handling

A full house move is the most common type of residential move. It is easy to find a moving company to handle a big move. The most effective, easy, and safe manner to get your small or partial load moved is to seek out and hire a company who specializes in and offers small or partial moves as part of their standard services.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., has over 35+ years of experience offering quality packing and moving services. We include small or partial moves in our standard services. This allows you to save money as you will be guided by professionals who will work with you to pack and move your special item(s) to your desired location.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., offers full-service door-to-door packing and moving of partial loads locally and nationwide. We also offer you secure storage solutions for your small load item(s).

What does a small move look like?

  • A one bedroom or studio apartment is typically the size of a small move.
  • Moving from a home or apartment into an Assisted Living Residence.
  • Moving a student in or out of a dorm room
  • Moving one large item, such as a piano or dining room set
  • Moving to another state or country while not wanting to take everything with you
  • Relocating to a smaller home
  • Item(s) sent to a family member or friend

Items commonly prepared for small moves


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