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When pack and send looked for items that are prohibited or restricted for shipment into Slovenia three years ago, we could not locate a list of these items. Since that time, some of the following items have been restricted or prohibited.


Here is a partial list of some of the items that are now prohibited from importing into Slovenia:


There are many more restricted items that can only be imported with authorization by the State Bank. They include money, both paper and coins, as well as papers that have values.

Medicine may be imported only if there is an import permit that has been obtained by the health authorities. 

Pack n send is providing the link below to see if  more updates are made in the future.

 We have listed facts about Slovenia so that you can get to know more about Slovenia.

We found that they have more than twenty eight thousand wineries and more than 500 castles. Only about seven per cent of the wine is exported. The rest is consumed domestically.

There are twenty four thousand different types of animal species including birds, deer and bears.

Potatoes, sugar beets and wheat are grown in Slovenia.

Slovenia is known for ski resorts and lakes. It is also had beautiful mountains.

If you  are shipping containers you should consider shipping  into the Port of Koper. Cargo shipping will go smoothly when you  prepare the proper documentation.

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