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Cargo Loading and What You Didn’t Know About the Port of Houston


A look behind the scenes of cargo loading…

As consumers, we often don’t think about how the things we have got here and all that was involved in the process. But for those in the business of shipping, transporting goods all over the world is just what we do day in and day out! In this blog post, we wanted to discuss a little of the process of cargo loading and freighting in and out of the Port of Houston.

The Port of Houston

According to the Port of Houston website, the port is number one in foreign tonnage in the nation and third in foreign tonnage value! Ninety percent of cargo going from one country to another goes by ship (as opposed to air or train). So if you have a business that exports to other countries, you are already well aware of the fact that your good makes the long trip across the sea. 

Cargo shipping at the Port of Houston

But if you are an individual looking for cargo shipping (perhaps an overseas move, an auction or equipment purchase, or any other reason for international or freight shipping), you probably didn’t know it takes cargo ships about 10-20 days just to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The process begins at the Port of Houston. For overseas shipping, you are likely working with a packing and shipping company that has relationships at the Port – they connect your shipment with a freight company. 

Depending on the items, they may be palletized and then loaded into a cargo container. From the Port of Houston terminal toolbox, you can track your cargo, fill out any necessary applications, and more. After the cargo container with your shipment is loaded onto a cargo ship, then it begins its journey across the ocean. The speed of the ship and the route it takes will determine how long it takes your shipment to arrive.

To see a 10 step explanation of freight shipping, check out this link from the World Shipping Council!

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