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So you decide to open an office in  a new city. You have all of the furniture, equipment, and computers ready to ship.

So how do you get them to their new location?  You do have options.

Look at putting everything on a small load moving truck. Small load movers have no minimum prices or weight requirements. You can value your office furniture and equipment for loss or damage during the move.  Your equipment will be packed and your furniture will be blanket wrapped. The challenge with this type of move is that you will be notified a day before the pick up and a day before the delivery.

Of course you do have another option. You can ship your furniture via freight. Within this option there are different levels of service that you can select. You can have a moving company come in and pick up all of your  office furniture and equipment. Or, you can drop off all of the office items at the freight shipping warehouse. While this option will save your business moving costs, it may be impractical for you to deliver the items on your own.

The freight shipping warehouse will  pack your office goods, place them on a pallet, and them strap them to a pallet. We recommend that the company that you choose to palletize your shipment use  1″ x 4″  lumber to protect the shipment during transport.   Ask them to use metal banding to secure your shipment to the pallet.  And then use black stretch wrap to cover the pallet during shipping. These precautions will help protect the furniture from moving during shipping. The black stretch wrap will not let anyone see what is inside of the pallet.


You can request either curbside delivery or inside delivery. Curbside delivery will save you moving dollars, but you will need to unload the pallet at the receiving end on your own. If you have the pallet sent to a receiving warehouse, they will take the furniture off of the pallet and then deliver it inside to your new office.

For more information about moving an office, contact pack n send in Houston. Pack n send has been shipping furniture in Houston and throughout the world since 1981. We offer packing in Houston and throughout the United States.