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The Best Way to Handle Senior and Elderly Moving in Houston

If you have an elderly relative who is moving or downsizing in Houston or anywhere else for that matter, then you may be concerned about the best way to safely move their stuff. Here are some things to think about for senior and elderly moving in Houston:

Consider Medical Equipment

They may have medical equipment  that has to be moved carefully. You need to talk to the movers about the equipment – especially things like oxygen tanks – to ensure that they are comfortable handling whatever equipment you may  have.

What to do With Extra Furniture

If your senior is downsizing, then you need to work out what to do with the furniture they may no longer need. A yard sale may be one answer, but you might also have younger relatives who could make use of grandma’s china or their uncle’s dresser. Talk to the moving company about the possibility of shipping items to multiple addresses.

You need to realistically assess what will fit in their new apartment or senior living residence. Household moving is challenging enough without significant downsizing. A quality senior & elderly moving company may be able to look at the new space and then assess what furniture should be moved and what should be sold, put into storage, or given to somebody else in the family.

 A Moving sale hosted by an Estate Sale Company

 An estate sale may be the best option  to sell items nobody in the family wants or has space for. Again, some moving companies will pack up items and distribute them to multiple locations. Young relatives and the  millennial generation will benefit from furniture and kitchen stuff if setting up a new household. Rare collectibles, however, may be better off sold.

Get Help From Senior and Elderly Moving Professionals

Consider hiring a senior move manager who can help organize the move, work with the moving company, etc. Some moving companies will provide this service. Make sure that they do not walk right over your relative, though.

Senior & elderly moving has its own challenges, and you need to hire a company that can handle it well. To find out about our moving and freighting services that can be helpful, contact Pack N Send today.