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Best Advice When Moving Seniors

During such an emotional and sensitive time of change, there are important factors to consider. We will go through these important factors and offer solutions.

Reasons for the move

A Reason or reasons for the move will be a big help with planning the transition.

Understanding the Journey

The most profound struggle of change at this time of life include the words and phrases –“letting go of independence”, “unknown challenges”, “emotionally draining”, “relocation stress”, “depression”, “distress”.

Being aware of the sensitivity during this journey is important. We should give our seniors the appropriate time to grieve for their previous lifestyle. We must take care to be patient, compassionate and supportive throughout the whole journey.

Keep in mind that seniors may have physical limitations and should be the focus throughout all planning stages. You may have to remind them to eat and drink!

Planning the Move

Choosing a new location can be very emotional. It could be helpful to make a list of the most important elements to your senior- a flower bed, neighbors, sitting outside on a patio or in a garden, access to local activities and amenities. For comparison, make a second list of things that did not work in the current home.

Seniors do not have to leave their memories behind! Fear of losing sentimental belongings can be very real! Take photos of the property, especially the most special areas to them – a garden or patio where they loved to sit. Take photos of every room in the house. You can save space by storing photos electronically!

It can also help to make multiple trips to the new area in order to help your senior become familiar and comfortable with their new location.

Do you need a Senior Referral Service? Senior Living Specialists

Senior Living Specialists will not only help you find the right place for your family member, but during the process they will also assist in negotiating rates.

Planning the Packing

Downsizing is yet another stage of the emotional journey. Even though downsizing will save money on packing and moving, deciding what to keep and discard needs to be treated with careful patience.

A full packing and moving company is a good option for seniors. Try to book at least two months in advance. Keep in mind that many people book to move on the first and at the end of the month.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., is a company that helps with moves locally and cross country. We pack and move households. Our company is ideal for seniors. We can help guide them as to what will fit into their new location and we are able to professionally pack and move other pieces of furniture, art, glassware, etc., to their children and grandchildren anywhere in the US or even internationally!

Will family members assist in the packing and moving?

Where is the best place to begin?

Day of the Move

NOTE: Anything that is valuable – fragile items or expensive jewelry – needs to remain on your person!

Unpacking on the First day

If moving into a home that is a two-story, settle your senior on the first floor.

The bedroom is usually the best place to start. Unpack the more important boxes first. It could be helpful to arrange a new room in the same way. Making the new home feel like home will allow your senior to get settled more quickly and comfortably.

Tour the home and instruct on how things work – alarms or thermostat systems.

New Address change contact list

Conclusion: Even though it is truly an emotional journey, for everyone involved, compassion and patience will go a long way in making the necessary changes.

Understanding the journey, knowing the reasons for the move, planning the move beginning with the decisions on downsizing to the day of unpacking can certainly go a long way in making this emotional transition less stressful.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., can answer any questions you have on such a delicate moving decision. Whether we are moving a senior into an apartment, senior living center, or nursing home, we help make their transition as easy as possible.

We are compassionate and patient and will follow the customer’s lead at all times. We don’t make decisions for our seniors, but we aid in facilitating on what they want to be moved or sent.

We help seniors and their families make a stress free and easy transition.

Please feel free to give us a call for assistance (713) 266-1450 or request a Free Quote!
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