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When looking for art shipping in Houston, it is important to find a company that has a history of moving unique and fragile objects. The art you ship may be among your most valuable possessions or for the artists themselves, it can be their life’s work. So making sure it is shipped properly is essential.

Art actually requires shipping more commonly that one might think. Art is constantly being bought and sold by individuals. Also, private collectors and museums often share part of their collection with other museums for a particular exhibit. For example, if the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston has a Picasso exhibit, the pieces in the exhibit came from all over the world. Perhaps a private collector from Spain lent their collection of sketches and the Guggenheim sent some of their pieces as well. When collectors or museums ship items to an exhibit, a shipping company creates reusable crates so the paintings can return to the same crate for their journey back to their origination. Houston artist Taft McWhorter is an example of an artist who exhibits art work for both local and international collectors.

Shipping art takes care and precision. Paintings can be shipped in custom crates to ensure proper delivery. Paintings of standard sizes may fit into pre-made crates but a shipping company will create custom creates for items of high value. Shipping companies ship paintings valued at millions of dollars and paintings that are extremely valuable to just the owner, like something their grandmother created that could never be replaced.

Sculptures can also be sent in customized crates for sculpture shipping. Customized crates are especially important for sculptures because they come in all shapes and sizes, and are made from all kinds of materials. For example, Dada artist Duchamp’s “Fountain” is made from a porcelain urinal. While Chihuly‘s stunning works are made from blown glass. Whatever the medium, sculptures require careful shipping.

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