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Art & Sculpture Shipping

Pack•n•Send sends artwork of any value. High or low.

We have shipped framed posters and paintings from museums with values ranging from $50 to $850,000 for a single piece.

We have shipped:

  • porcelain statues
  • oil paintings
  • photography prints
  • 3D media.
  • We have sent life-size oil portraits of President Washington and Lincoln.


We can offer special protection for some artwork by wrapping them with a special paper used specifically for shipping before boxing or crating the pieces. By using this paper we are adding an extra layer of protection, which allows for even safer shipping.

We also build custom crates for high-value artwork and sculptures. PacknSend ships for galleries throughout the world. When artwork is going to a show, we build reusable crates for easy repacking.

If you require special packing and shipping services feel free to contact PacknSend to get a quote for your art & sculpture items.

Do you want to know the price of moving your art sculpture?

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Art & Sculpture Shipping Pack n Send