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 Pack N Send is a trusted resource for the safe handling, packaging, and transporting of fine art, antiques, and heirlooms. Auctioneers, collectors, and museums rely on us to safely move their delicate and valuable antiques across the country and around the world. Our proven expertise begins with a full assessment of your product including risk, storage, temperature, and humidity, pickup conditions, mode of transport, and final destination. All are factored into providing you with the appropriate container and cushioning system for preventing damage during shipment.

We also know you have choice when it comes to selecting a company for sculpture packing. As you evaluate providers, it is important to keep in mind that many internet-based and retail pack and ship centers don’t have the knowledge or expertise to handle one-of-a-kind items that require special expertise and attention. In fact, many shipping agencies use prefabricated boxes and if your item fits, it ships! This method may work for everyday items, but not an original artwork such as a glass or hand-carved statue.

We don’t just place your artwork or sculpture in a box or provide you with do-it-yourself packaging materials and a shipping label. Pack N Send provides services that are tailored to your item’s specific needs to ensure safe and secure packaging and shipping.

We can custom interior packaging for each container we build. Crates and containers are lined and filled with the appropriate amount of cushioning agent to ensure items are secure for shipping. Many factors are taken into consideration including dimensions, weight, fragility, mode of transport, and final destination.

We take a consultative approach to meeting your product’s packaging requirements. Our packing experts work with you and your product’s specifications, providing solutions that ensure safe transport and delivery. Custom packing can reduce your company’s shipping costs, damages, and lost revenue.

The right materials for the job are critical.  We are a leading single-source provider of custom packing, crating, and shipping solutions for sculptures. The more information we have regarding your item, the better we can assess its needs and provide the best cushioning, container, and transportation options.

The value, pickup, delivery, insurance requirements, and your budget will determine what type of container is used. In some instances, a custom-made corrugated container will provide sufficient protection, while high-value, antique, or fragile sculptures may require a custom-designed wood crate.

Expertly handling, packaging, crating, and shipping of artwork, antiques, sculptures and fine art is a speciality – and takes experience. We’ve cared for every kind of sculpture medium imaginable including bronze, steel, marble, stone, glass, plastic, concrete, and plaster. Pack N Send can offer the following options to protect your art and fine art:

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