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When we think of a professional mover, many times we think of loading up all of our belongings and moving to another location. However, a professional mover, besides handling a total moving job, can do so much more!

Sometimes we only have small items that need moving or items that simply need rearranging. Other times a small job comes up that that is too heavy for us to do alone. That’s when a professional mover is exactly what we need!

Here is a list of some of the things a professional mover can handle:


Now that we’ve given some ideas outside of what is normally associated with a professional moving company, you will probably think of some ideas of your own!

As a professional moving company, Pack-n-Send, Inc., has the experience to provide you with whatever help you need – packing, loading, and unloading! We also offer the option of a “wardrobe box”. All of the clothes will go from the closet into the box and back into the closet while they are still hanging! If you need an unpacking service, we can do that too!

Pack-n-Send, Inc., always stands ready to give you guidance and careful help with any type of move you need – large or small! We have over 35+ years of experience. You can rely on us to get the job done – from beginning to end!

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