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Moving senior adults into assisted living residences requires  a different level of service than is offered for a standard  household move.

Downsizing is a large part of the moving experience. While possessions may have been accumulated over numerous years, only a small portion of these items may fit inside an assisted living residence. Moving furniture and belongings can be a positive experience.

There is an answer to this problem. Pack and send excess possessions to family members.  Why not gift the dining room set to a niece. What about the extra bedroom set?  Move it to a family member who has an empty bedroom.

There are ways to make a senior adult feel  like they are doing good for their family when they downsize.  If no one needs the extra furniture, how about donating it to a local charity. Think about furniture banks, churches and  newcomers arriving in the United States with no furniture.

Senior adults can contribute to the happiness of their family and their community as they begin a new adventure in life.

For more information about moving senior adults and shipping furniture, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston.