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Handling cargo is an essential part of any industry. The workers constantly need to load and unload materials safely and ensure that no harm is done to the goods being handled or to the people working nearby. In the past, it was primarily a manually driven activity, however, it became more and more automated to a great extent. It is important that you follow various safety measures like using weighing scales to determine right cargo weight and maintain a safe workplace.

5 Tips to Ensure Secure Loading of Cargo

  • Secure and Stable Loading

Ensure the cargo is secured properly when it arrives on deck. There must be no void spaces or loose packages on the top. It is important to avoid direct pressure on the doors and metal-to-metal contact as it can cause a slippery surface. Any loose item can prove dangerous and has the potential to seriously injure on-board personnel. Ensure that there is no overloading. Check the final weight of the containers by using calibrated industrial floor scales. Keep an accurate and detailed documentation of the goods being shipped along with their weights.

  • Loading Areas Must be Well-lit

The loading must be done only in well-lit areas. Do not handle the cargo if there is poor visibility. The reason for poor visibility can vary, such as weather change, improper lighting conditions, etc. When you handle goods in such conditions, it may lead to accidents or damage the cargo. Ensure that the loading areas are located away from the vehicles and pedestrians. Take the necessary steps to improve the lighting in the work areas.

  • Routine Checks of All the Equipment


It is essential that you conduct routine checks of all the equipment before using them. For instance, you must check for brake faults, warning devices, controls, tires, steering, etc. In case, you find any problem with the equipment, notify the management immediately. Moreover, it is critical that the equipment is not used until it is either replaced or repaired. When you are shipping goods with a proper weight check, you must ensure that the weighing equipment is operating the way it is supposed to and is safe to use.

  • Ensure No One is Standing Under a Hoisted Cargo

Every time the cargo is being handled, there is a danger of being hit by a load if anyone is standing in its path or right under it. Tragic accidents may occur if someone is standing under the hoisted load. The crane operator must ensure that there is a safe path for hoisting the cargo. Additionally, the on-deck personnel must ensure that they are well aware of the loading path and stay clear of incoming cargo.

  • Always Contact the Supervisor During Emergencies

If you feel that the safety of the workplace is compromised in any way, you must contact the supervisor immediately. For example, if a hatch cover comes loose, the load isn?t positioned properly on the lifting equipment or any other incident that has the potential to affect the safety of cargo handling, notify the management immediately. All the employees must know safety requirements employed in the cargo loading area.

Apart from having a safe workplace, it is essential to have a sustainable shipping environment within the cargo area. It will benefit your business and the planet in more ways than one.

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