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3 Things to Do When Shipping Furniture by Freight


Nothing is more heartbreaking than receiving a package and finding out that the contents have been damaged or broken, especially when shipping furniture by freight. Here are three things you can do before and after shipping furniture by freight to ensure that your experience is positive.

1) Get a quote

The first step when shipping furniture by freight is to get a quote from a reputable company. Before calling you will need to know specifics such as what you’re shipping, its size and weight, and where you’re shipping to and from. If this seems confusing, most shipping companies will have a free Request a Quote page on their website which will help ensure they have all the information needed to ship your piece of furniture.

2) Pack your item securely

When shipping furniture by freight, ensuring that your item has been properly packaged can be the difference between having a beautiful, intact piece of furniture at the end of the shipping process or one that has been scratched or broken. Make sure that you protect the corners of your furniture with cardboard. One inch thick styrofoam is placed on top of your item and cardboard is also placed underneath as well as on the top to provide additional support and protection. Upholstered furniture should especially be completely covered and padded to protect from ripping or staining the fabric.

3) Check your package thoroughly before signing

When receiving freight-shipped items, the most important thing to do is check your packages for any damage before signing to accept it. The shipping company tries to ensure safe travel for your items, but sometimes in transit things shift and furniture becomes damaged or broken. When you sign for a shipment you are agreeing that you have inspected the shipment and there was no damage when you received your furniture. If you don’t check your item before signing, then you are held liable for the damage, even if it occurred before or during shipping!

If you discover an issue during your inspection, the proper protocol is to write in large letters on the receiving paperwork the type and extent of the damage. Then make a copy of this paperwork before you hand the paper back to the driver. This proves that the damage occurred before you received the item and you will either be reimbursed for the damage or receive a replacement!

Shipping Furniture? Contact Pack n Send Today!

By doing these 3 things you can be certain that you will have a positive experience when shipping furniture by freight. Another great step you can take is to use Pack n Send as your shipping company – we’re experts in the Houston Shipping Industry, and we guarantee you’ll be pleased with the services we provide. Contact us today to learn more!